I am 35 yrs old and got married at age of 25 yrs. On  the very first day of my marriage, I came to know that my husband takes alcohol. At that time, he used to take alcohol twice - thrice a week. By the time, his habit of taking alcohol increased and he started to take it daily. His habit of drinking started to disturb our life. He also left his job. It was very disturbing time for me. Then one of my friend told me about AROGYA AYURVEDA KENDRA in Delhi for de addiction medicine. Then I contacted there and started to give Daru Mukti/Nasha Mukti medicine to my husband without his knowledge, mixing in his food. Gradually, his habit of drinking get reduced and after completing full course of medicine, he completely quit it. Now  I am very much happy & enjoying my Life . I advice all the alcohol addict persons to take Daru Mukti/Nasha Mukti medicine to get rid of Alcohol.Arogya provides Daru Mukti/Nasha mukti medicine/alcohol de addiction medicine/drugs de addiction Meidicne in New Delhi & in all India.Daru Mukti Medicine/Nasha Mukti Medicine/Alcohol De Addiction Medicine/Quit Addiction services in New Delhi.

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I am 23 yrs old student.During my school time, I was always a rank holder. My parent always used to feel proud on me. I got admission in a very reputed college. In first semester of my college, I got 1st rank. As college was far away from my home, so I decided to stay in hostel. In hostel, some of my seniors used to take drugs, and they also forced me taste it. I did not like it and refused to take it again. After some days, they again forced me to take it and  I also started to like it and gradually I got addicted for drugs. i spent all my pocket money. Due to my habit, I was suspended from hostel and college. I came back home. My parent did my counselling and one of my father's friend suggested to take Drug de addiction medicine from Arogya Ayurveda Kendra, Delhi. We contacted there and we received Daru Mukti/Nasha mukti medicine via cash on delivery. Even after one month of taking medicine, my desire for drugs get very very reduced. I completed full course of Nasha de addiction medicine. Now I do not take any drug and feel very happy. I have again joined my college. I advice all drug addicted persons to take Nasha de addiction medicine to quit drugs to live a healthy and happy life.Arogya Ayurveda is specialised in Daru mukti medicine/Nasha mukti medicine/Nasha Mukti Kendra/Alcohol de addiction Medicine/quit addiction services in New Delhi.